Five Reasons Why the RipJack Inn is an Incredible Wedding Venue

Are you dreaming of a destination wedding in Costa Rica? While there are certainly a lot of different places and venues to choose from, the RipJack Inn might just be your perfect wedding venue. This charming beachfront boutique hotel has become a popular wedding destination over the past few years, and we think we have … Read more

Don’t Hestitat​​e, Meditate! 17 Reasons to Start Today

The practice of meditation is one that has been used for thousands of years by mankind. In fact, there have been archaeological findings that suggest the hunter-gathers and early shamans were the first to practice a form of meditation. Thousands of years ago, it was the Buddha who inspired others who sit in mindful awareness. There … Read more

Experience One of the Greatest Natural Phenomenon During the Green Season in Costa Rica

While the coastal region of Playa Grande is part of the Las Baulas National Marine Park, which is supposed to be a prime leatherback sea turtle beach, it is very rare that you will actually see any turtles here. Unfortunately, due to offshore longline and net fishing and other negative human impacts, the sea turtles of Playa … Read more

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