Lightweight Gear Guide for a Green Season Trip to Costa Rica

Green Season in Costa Rica begins in May. With the arrival of this rejuvenating season comes afternoon showers, brilliant rainbows, psychedelic sunsets, and a complete revival of the native plant and animal life. A little rain and humidity won’t put a damper on the amazing activities you can enjoy while you are visiting Costa Rica as long as you come prepared with the proper tropical winter (May through November is considered winter in Costa Rica) gear. 

What’s great about the recommended products below is that they are all very lightweight and compact, so you don’t have to worry about weighing down your luggage. If you are going to invest in travel and adventure gear, you are better off paying a little more for a product that is durable and long-lasting, opposed to contributing to the global waste problem of “fast fashion” and cheap throw-away stuff. Don’t worry though; this gear guide contains affordable and resilient gear that will last you for many trips to come to the tropics. 

Thirst quenching rain

Rain jacket

A rain jacket is the perfect multi-purpose piece of clothing that you will be happy to have in Costa Rica, regardless of the season. You will want to bring one that is lightweight though, as it is warm in Costa Rica year round. A rain jacket that can be compressed and folded up is key if you want to pack lightly and keep your day pack small, as well. A good rain jacket will not only keep you dry during those tropical downpours, but it can also protect your skin from the sun and insects, as well as keeping you comfortable when it is windy.

Patagonia Storm Racer or Torrentshell

Columbia Watertight Jacket

Adventure shoes

It’s all about traction!

If you own the right pair of adventure shoes, you can eliminate the need to bring multiple pairs of shoes for different purposes on your trip to Costa Rica. You want to make sure you bring a shoe that is made with quick-drying material, is cushioned and comfortable, and has good traction.


Vivobarefoot Ultra

Quick-dry towel

Regular beach towels are bulky and if it’s particularly humid and rainy they might take more than a whole day to dry. Every traveler should own a microfiber towel. These amazing compact towels are super absorbent and fast drying. They can be used as a beach towel, shower towel, sarong, or even a sun and windbreaker.

ECOdept MicroFiber Travel Towel

SYOURSELF MicroFiber Beach Bath Towel 

Water-Resistant day pack

Green season magic

When you set out on one of your many adventures while exploring Costa Rica, you will likely want to have a few things handy for your outing. Perhaps you want to bring a camera, phone, dry change of clothes, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, and water. A dry-proof, water-resistant, or waterproof day pack is key to keeping all your stuff dry and easily accessible. These two-day packs, in particular, fold down into an easy to pack little pouch.

Outlander Ultralight Water-Resistant Packable Backpack

ELCM Foldable and Packable Waterproof Backpack

Waterproof phone case 

While it’s highly recommended that you take a little digital detox while you are in Costa Rica, having your phone with you to take photographs is a good idea. You will want to make sure that you have a protective case for your phone to avoid any damage to your device.

Lifeproof Waterproof Case

JOTO Universal Waterproof Case 


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