Canadians Flying to Costa Rica will have Free Travel Insurance

Air Canada Costa Rica

In an effort to breathe life back into International travel, Air Canada has just announced that the travelers insurance Costa Rica is requiring to enter the country will be provided at no charge to the ticket holder.   The tickets must be purchased between September 17th and October 31st of this year.  This applies to all … Read more

Costa Rica Approves 8 Additional States

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The newly approved states are Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Rhode Island and California. Here is a recap of the dates each state goes into effect. As of September 1: Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, or Virginia (and Washington, D.C.) As of September 15: Colorado, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, … Read more

Costa Rica reopens borders to US

playa grande costa rica

On August 19th Costa Rica announced that on September 1st entry will be permitted for tourists from six states. New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Connecticut. Here is what you need to know about the entry requirements. Passengers must have a current driver’s license from one of the six states. Tourists must … Read more

Here, Now, Together: A Time for Reflection and Introspection

In the wake of all the current uncertainty and chaotic energy that is buzzing around the world, it is easy to become consumed in the negative.  Between the ever-increasing contamination rates, fast-changing decrees that prohibit some of the freedoms we’ve taken for granted (i.e., surfing, buying brews, social gatherings in public places, community yoga classes), … Read more

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