Embrace a Moving Meditation While in Playa Grande, Costa Rica

As we shared in our last post, “Don’t Hesitate, Meditate,” there are incredible inherent benefits that accompany a meditation practice. To review, this includes a reduction in stress and anxiety, improved quality and depth of sleep, a strengthened immune system, a clearer and more focused mind, a boost in creativity and productivity, an enhanced state of self-awareness, and an overall increased sense of peace and calmness. 

However, for some and maybe many, sitting in stillness and with a free mind can be a great challenge. Meditation doesn’t come easy to everyone, and that is perfectly fine. We are all a work in progress! For most, developing a meditation practice takes time and dedication; but, don’t all the best things in life? 

It is important to remember, though that we are all unique individuals and what works for one person might not work for another. Maybe you are more of a mover than a sitter? I know I am! There are all different types of meditations, and a moving meditation might be what you have long been seeking. 

Playa Grande is an amazing place to start or continue your moving meditation journey! Between the miles of nearly empty beach, the warm sea, the salty ocean air, the verdant beach trees, and coastal creatures, the setting couldn’t be any more perfect for quieting that active mind of yours. You might find your moving meditation to take place while you are walking, running, swimming, surfing, or practicing yoga. The idea is the same regardless of what movement you choose to do. 

A moving meditation is dependent on focusing on the movement and not on your thoughts. The same way you focus on your breath when you are meditating in stillness, focusing on your deliberate movements will help you still your mind. 

Sunrise is a particularly beautiful time to head down to the beach for a moving meditation while you are in Playa Grande. The sun rises very early here, the beach is usually quite empty, and the temperature is rather pleasant. It is also lovely to start your day in such a positive way. You can even start your morning and meditation by setting an intention or creating a mantra. 

Your meditation, whether still or moving, is entirely yours and yours to create in the way that best suits you.  Play with the process and enjoy the journey.


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