Estuary Tour

Las Baulas National Marine Park – Playa Grande, Costa Rica

The Playa Grande estuary tour is fun for the whole family! Climb aboard a local fisherman’s boat and spend a few hours exploring the wildlife in the Playa Grande.

What is an estuary?

The Playa Grande estuary is part of the Las Baulas National Marine Park. Here the Rio Mata Palo empties out into the Pacific Ocean creating what is know as brackish water. The Playa Grande estuary is part fresh and part salt water making it an ideal home for many of the beautiful animal species in Costa Rica. The estuary is 6,745 hectors (25 square miles) of mangrove, spectacular!

What will I see?

A tour of the Playa Grande estuary is ideal if you are interested in the biodiversity Costa Rica has to offer. The lush vegetation absorbs all unwanted noise creating an extremely peaceful boat ride. While there are no guarantees with mother nature, you are more than likely to see:

The tour operator provides cold water and fresh fruit during the trip.  The tour lasts about an hour and a half and is one of the most peaceful places on the planet.  The tour desk at hotel RipJack Inn is happy to make arrangements for the Playa Grande estuary tour. The best time for the tour is in the morning at high tide. It wouldn’t be a Playa Grande Vacation without a visit to the estuary! 

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