Playa Grande – One of the world’s best beaches

Playa Grande Costa Rica

Looking for a quiet, off the beaten path travel destination for your next vacation?  Welcome to Playa Grande, Costa Rica.  Hands down one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever visit.  At low tide there are miles of white sand beach to explore and warm gentle water to swim in.  At high tide there is some of the most consistent surf in all of Costa Rica, and did we mention how warm the water is?  The sunsets are so magical that you won’t be able to stay away and why would you?  Grab a happy hour drink in the restaurant and walk 30 seconds down a magical sandy path and pick your spot to watch the sun slowly sink into the water and the sky come alive with color. And that’s just the beach! Book Now!

Earthing on the beach

Earthing is basically the practice of making a skin to earth connection. The best way to do this is by going barefoot. According to Yogapedia, “with this connection to the Earth, the body takes in free electrons, which are believed to serve as antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that block oxidation of other molecules, preventing the development of free radicals, which harm the body.”

The benefits of this skin to earth connection have been studied and it has been reported that earthing can help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, reduce toxins in the body, promote healing, reduce stress, increase energy, relieve muscle tension and headaches, improve sleep, and normalize the body’s biological rhythms.


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