What to Pack for Summertime Activities in Playa Grande, Costa Rica

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While Costa Rica is not in the Southern hemisphere, the months from December until May are considered summer months here. Summer equals sun and winter equals wet in Costa Rica.

These months, and especially December, January, and February you can expect 100% sunshine and 0% chance of rain. The mornings and evenings are cool (mid-70’s) and the middle of the day is blazing hot but dry and usually accompanied by strong offshore winds.

Summertime is such a great time to visit Playa Grande that most people actually plan their vacations here during these months. What’s great about visiting Costa Rica during the summer is that the weather forecast is very consistent. This makes packing quite simple.

To make it even more simple for you though, here is a breakdown of the essentials you’ll need for various activities you will likely participate in while in Costa Rica.

Water activities

Summer in Playa Grande
Summertime is a great time to SUP in Costa Rica

You are most definitely going to want to spend a lot of time in and by the ocean while in Playa Grande. There are so many wonderful ways to spend the day with the sea including surfing, stand up paddle boarding, swimming, sailing, and kayaking.

While the sun is always very strong in Costa Rica due to the closeness to the equator, the summer months are especially intense because there is very little if any cloud coverage.

It is of the utmost importance that you regularly apply sunscreen and protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Wearing a rash guard or sun shirt and a hat is a really easy way to help ward off a painful sunburn.

Land adventures

Horseback riding in Playa Grande
Blue skies and endless trails

When you are not basking in the sunshine down by the sea, there are plenty of other types of activities to do during your vacation. Taking a tour of the Tamarindo estuary and mangrove forest, exploring one or more of the nearby national parks, going for a horseback ride, or flying through the canopy on a zip lining excursion are just a few of the activities that are readily available for your sheer enjoyment.

You’ll want to protect yourself from mosquitos and other insects, abrasion-causing foliage, and the sun while you are out adventuring.

  • Lightweight pants
  • Lightweight long or short sleeve shirt
  • Insect repellent
  • Comfortable hiking or walking shoes
  • Re-useable water bottle

Wellness activities

Wellness in Playa Grande
The perfect environment for a wellness escape

The yoga shala at the RipJack Inn has mats, blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, and towels. All you need to pack is breathable and stretchable yoga/fitness clothes that you feel comfortable practicing yoga in; the rest is available for you.

Sunset, Happy Hour, and Dining Out

sunsets in Playa Grande
Sunsets are always magical in Playa Grande

The proper attire for sunsetting, happy houring, and dining out is whatever your heart desires. There is no dress code! With the dry air and steady breeze of summer, the nighttime temperatures are quite pleasant. If you are someone who chills easily, you might want to bring a shawl or something lightweight to put on.