Tomorrow is a Big Day! Find Out Why!

The end of this week brings with it two very significant cosmic occurrences. Friday, December 21 is the start of the winter solstice and Saturday, December 22 is the last full moon of 2018. The moon will appear completely full on the 21stthough. The winter solstice and the full moon will not be this close occurring to one another again until 2094!

And as if it couldn’t get any more magical, the Ursid meteor shower will also be visible in the mid-Northern hemisphere on the 21st.

The full and new moons and the solstices have long been celebrated and revered by many different cultures, communities, and tribes around the world. Whether you have tapped into your spiritual side or not, this dual event is a special opportunity to appreciate the beautiful raw energy and power of our moon and sun.

This full moon, known as the Full Cold Moon and the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year is a particularly perfect time to reflect and set your intentions for the new year to come. This full moon is also rising in Cancer, which will evoke excitement, positive change, and pleasant surprises according to Astrology King.

The winter solstice is a time to embrace quiet energy and reflection. It is an opportunity to examine our past year and put into motion the changes that we want to make within ourselves.

This is a time of personal awakening, if you allow it to be. It is a great time to rid yourself of anything that is no longer serving you well. It is a time for patience and rest. “Nature teaches us that resting and drawing inward for a time, is present in all living things. Rest is necessary for growth that comes later in the season,” according to Mystic Mamma’s short interpretation of the significance of the winter solstice.

The events and expectations that accompany the Western celebration of the winter holidays aren’t always conducive with rest, patience, reflection, and quietness. However, even taking just the night of the winter solstice and full moon to come back to the self and honor the universe and your place in it will have immediate and long-lasting benefits.

This sacred day can be celebrated all day long as the short daylight hours are just as special as the long dark moon-filled night. Rituals can include anything from journaling about your past year, writing down your intentions, sitting outside and watching the moon rise into the sky, seizing the sunshine by spending the day at the beach, creating a candle-lit space for a meditation, or just embracing a few quite moments in stillness and solitude.

Make sure that you look to the east behind Playa Grande once the darkness has settled to see the full moon rise above the mountains and into the clear December sky.

If you happen to be in Playa Grande tomorrow evening, Stacy Jane and Travis McClure will be hosting a pranayama (breath work), yin yang yoga, kundalini meditation, and intention setting gathering at the RipJack Inn yoga shala from 6 to 8PM. This is an extraordinary opportunity to join other open-minded individuals from the local community and abroad in a shared full moon and winter solstice celebration. I encourage everyone to join, as it will be a gathering you won’t soon forget!

RipJack Inn
Come one come all!