The RipJack Inn: More than just a hotel

Best Restaurant in Playa Grande

The RipJack Inn is more than just a hotel, it is a home for the first time and the returning visitor to Playa Grande. Dave, Annie, Luli, and the entire staff at the RipJack Inn are all one big loving family. That warm family feeling is extended to everyone who sets foot here, whether in the hotel, the restaurant, the bar, or the yoga shalas. Even Playa Grande locals frequent the RipJack Inn for a post-surf breakfast, sunset cocktails, and weekly live music. 

One of two pools

Perfectly positioned right across the street from one of the main beach access paths, the RipJack Inn is the epicenter of the coastal neighborhood of Playa Grande. It is a place where everyone knows or quickly learns your name. It a place where you know you can always go and feel like you belong there. 

It is this friendly and welcoming energy that attracts surfers, yogis, families, couples, friends, and solo travelers from around the globe. It is also for this reason that many people who stay at the RipJack Inn once, often come back again. There is nothing quite like feeling like you are home and part of a community when you are thousands of miles away from your actual home. 

Healthy, happy family and friends

In recent years, the RipJack Inn has also become a popular destination for yoga, surf, and fitness retreats; student group trips and weddings.  Between two yoga shalas, two pools, a restaurant, a bar, and immediate access to the beach and surf, the location doesn’t get much better than this in Playa Grande. There is also a diverse selection of rooms, suites, and bungalows to choose from. 

A place of love

Wedding parties have rented out the entire RipJack Inn to host one of the most romantic moments of any couple’s life. Ceremonies are usually conducted on the beach around sunset, dinner is served upstairs, and the party carries on into the night around the pool. Of course, you can customize your day however you see fit. Your guests will likely be delighted that they get to celebrate your love in one of the most magical places in Northern Guanacaste. You’ll feel like you are getting married at a beloved family member’s home. 

There is nothing impersonal about staying at and spending time at the RipJack Inn. You might arrive as a guest, but you will surely leave as a member of the RipJack Inn family