How to Create Your Own Wellness Escape at the RipJack Inn

Most of us live our lives on the go, go, go!

Between working, taking care of our families, keeping up with some sort of social life, managing our finances, planning for the future, and possibly even volunteering or attending community benefits, our agendas are booked up week after week. Then throw in all of the stimulus our eyes, brains, and souls face on a daily basis from the constant barrage of the media, politics, social media and mindless entertainment.

It’s no wonder many of us feel stressed, anxious, sleep deprived, and in serious need of a vacation.

Do you dream of days on end where you can sleep in, nourish your body with healthy and fresh food that you don’t have to personally prepare, bask in the sunshine, walk barefoot in the sand, practice yoga, finish a book, and simply do nothing but listen to the sounds of nature from the hug of a hammock?

It sounds like you need and want a wellness escape! And you deserve one, we all do! The RipJack Inn makes it possible for you to create your very own wellness retreat with very little effort. Basically, all you have to do is book your ticket to Costa Rica, reserve your room at the RipJack Inn, pack your bags, and voila!

Welcome home

The RipJack Inn has all the ingredients readily available for a proper wellness escape.

Daily Yoga

Yoga is offered throughout the week at the RipJack Inn in one of two of our yoga shalas. Meditation, special full moon ceremonies, workshops, and other mind and body classes are regularly hosted, as well.

Healthy and Delicious Meal Choices

Our menu is a fusion of traditional Costa Rican flavors and international favorites. Our dishes feature a lot of fresh fruit, vegetables, and locally-caught fish. We have acai bowls, veggie bowls, and plenty of salads. Our menu also includes some pretty sinfully delicious dishes too!

Your body will thank you!

Clean Cocktails and Smoothies

Think fresh tropical fruit juices and frozen concoctions made from scratch.

It doesn’t get any fresher!

Direct Beach Access

The path to the beach is directly in front of the RipJack Inn. How convenient, right? On the other side of this beautiful path is miles of beach and plenty of oceanfront space to have entirely to yourself.

Concierge Service

Do you want to take a surf lesson, go canopy zip lining, ride horses, get a massage, set sail into the sunset, explore Rincón de la Vieja National Park, or go scuba diving? All you have to do is let us know and we will make it happen. It’s that easy!

We also recommend taking naps, lounging by either one of our pools, and making it down to the beach every evening to watch the sun set into the sea. We all need a little time to rest and rejuvenate. The benefits of treating yourself to a wellness vacation are immediate and long-lasting! Let us help you help yourself. Hit the easy button today.

Lounge away!






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