Four Free Activities to Do Around Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Coco Chanel once said, “the best things in life are free.” The second part of that quote is, “the second best things are very, very expensive,” but that’s beside the point we are going to make here! 

You’ve made it Costa Rica, you’ve paid for your plane ticket, your transportation, and your accommodations. You will pay for your tours, meals, souvenirs, happy hour cocktails, and likely several other things. While vacations aren’t necessarily cheap, you can save a few bucks by enjoying some of the free activities a place has to offer.

While you are staying in Playa Grande, take advantage of the following four activities that won’t cost you a penny if you don’t want it to. 

Take a stroll and a swim 

Playa Grande is literally a big beach! A walk from the RipJack Inn beach path to the most southern end of the beach before the estuary takes around forty minutes. If you walk the other way and continue past the rock and ontop Playa Ventanas the distance is only slightly less. When the tide is low, the sand is firmly packed in and ideal for long strolls along the sea. It is not uncommon to walk and see no one else. 

This peaceful and wholesome activity is entirely free!

Playa Grande, Costa Rica
Peace and solitude by the sea Photo credit: Christian Barrette/Flickr

Enjoy some live music

Every Wednesday there is live music for free upstairs at the RipJack Inn. Every Friday there is free music at the Wilmart. Occasionally, on Saturdays, there is free music at Las Olas Beach Club, as well as on Sundays at Pots and Bowls. For being such a small town, there are actually ample opportunities to enjoy some free live music. 

RipJack Inn, Costa Rica
Enjoy the show

Check out the night markets

Night markets are a relatively new thing in the area. They have quickly gained popularity and are free to attend. Of course, if you decide to buy something while you are there, then they aren’t completely free. On Monday there is a night market in Flamingo, on Wednesday there is one in Playa Grande at Las Olas Beach Club, and on Thursdays, there is one in Tamarindo. You will find live music, local artisans selling their wares, and food vendors. This is something fun for the entire family. 

Watch the sunset 

You absolutely cannot spend time in Playa Grande and not take advantage of one of nature’s most spectacular daily shows. Watching the sunset is a free activity that both locals and visitors embrace while spending time in this beautiful part of the world. Every evening is different, and often it is right after the sun sets that the sky really comes to life. It is a good ritual while you are in Costa Rica to end the daylight hours on the beach. 

Playa Grande, Costa Rica
No two sunsets are ever the same Photo credit: Jakob Christensen/Flickr