Follow These Six Steps to Have the Perfect Sunday in Playa Grande

While every day in Playa Grande has the potential to be perfect, there is just something extra special about Sundays. Sundays tend to signify a day of rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, and reward. Here’s how to have the most restful, relaxing, rejuvenating, and rewarding Sunday while staying at or near the RipJack Inn in Playa Grande.

Step 1: Coffee

There is nothing quite like that very first cup of coffee just mere moments after you’ve opened your eyes for the very first time of the new day. Today, take your coffee down to the beach and enjoy it seaside for an extra special start to your Sunday morning. The beach is often empty early in the morning aside from a few ambitious surfers and other dawn-lovers. Starting your day with the waking sun and the sea is sure to set you off on the right track for a perfect Sunday.

RipJack Inn, Playa Grande
With coffee in hand just follow the path

Step 2: Yoga

Every Sunday morning from 8:45 to 10:00, the RipJack Inn offers a gentle Hatha yoga and surfer’s stretch class. Whether you are a surfer, a non-surfer, a yogi, or a never-before-new-yogi, this guided practice is ideal for getting the blood flowing, stretching out the muscles, centering the mind, and presenting your body with a gift for all it does and continues to do for you. This low to no-sweat class will leave you feeling light, present, and ready for brunch.

Playa Grande, Costa Rica
Come practice with us

Step 3: Brunch

From 8:00AM to 2:00PM, the RipJack Inn does a proper Sunday brunch complete with mimosas and bloody Mary’s, if that suites your fancy. The Sunday brunch menu is different from the regular breakfast and lunch menu and features exclusive plates like rum poached mango French toast, a grilled shrimp omelet, a Monte Cristo, and a grilled pineapple teriyaki burger, as well as some of the favorite from the everyday menu too.

RipJack Inn in Costa Rica
Mango + rum+ French toast = Sunday

Step 4: Rest

You now have a perfect little window of time between the end of brunch at 2PM and the start of happy hour at 4PM to just completely chill out. You can spend these two hours soaking up some sun on the beach, lounging by the pool, reading in a hammock, or retreating to your air-conditioned room and taking a nice long nap.

Playa Grande, Costa Rica
Take a dip in one of two pools at the RipJack Inn

Step 5: Beverages and Bocas

Every day from 4:00PM to 6:00PM you can enjoy an assortment of happy hour drink and snack options. The bartenders at the RipJack Inn whip up some truly delectable cocktails including a watermelon spitzer, Dave’s rum punch surprise, a lazy lemonade, a passionfruit mojito, and a frozen guanabana margarita. Domestic beers are half off and you can pair any of the cocktails, beer, or wine with a tasty selection of bocas (snacks) such as fried macaroni and cheese balls. Be sure to take your drink down to the beach around 5:30 to watch the sun kiss the sea goodbye in a spectacular display of colors before heading off to dinner.

RipJack Inn in Playa Grande
Mango jalapeño margarita and a tuna toast snack

Step 6: Sushi

Right next door to the RipJack Inn is the charming La Marejada restaurant. Right after sunset on Sundays (as well as on Saturdays), La Marejada is open for sushi night. While the menu for the other nights of the week is exceptional, sushi night at La Marejada is a local favorite and will surely become yours as well. It is a good idea to make a reservation as this is a popular night to dine here. If you ask any local, they will enthusiastically tell you just how extraordinary the sushi at La Marejada is.

La Marejada in Playa Grande
Who doesn’t love sushi on Sunday?

With a belly full of sushi and a light happy hour buzz, sleep should come easy and deeply tonight. Happy Sunday!