4 razones por las que debería luna de miel en Playa Grande, Costa Rica

First and foremost, congratulations! You are one of the lucky ones to find and marry your soulmate! Your honeymoon is the first trip that you will take as a married couple, and here’s why we think you should consider honeymooning in Playa Grande, Costa Rica. 

Quiet and Intimate Ocean-Side Town

Playa Grande is a beach and surf town that has a far more relaxed and laidback vibe in comparison to some of the busier nearby towns like Tamarindo. While Playa Grande is on the quieter side, it is far from a boring place to spend your honeymoon. This wonderful walkable town offers an intimate setting by the sea for lovebirds. You won’t hear bumping bass, beeping horns, or rambunctious party animals here! Instead, you’ll hear birds chirping, monkey chatting, and waves breaking on the beach. 

Nothing Says Romance Like Long Walks on the Beach

Playa Grande, which literally translates to Big Beach, is very long. It is one of the best beaches in the area to take long walks hand and hand with the one you love the most. It is not uncommon to have vast portions of the beach all to yourself.  

Easy Access to Everything 

If you are an activity and tour-seeking honeymoon couple, everything that you would want to do in Northern Guanacaste is readily accessible from Playa Grande. You can easily book scuba diving, sailing, horseback riding, surfing, and stand up paddle boarding tours. You can also attend yoga and fitness classes right in town and any day of the week. Or, perhaps you want to visit volcanoes and natural hot springs or spend the day at the spa on your honeymoon. All of these options and more are all within proximity of your honeymoon home base. 

Sunsets, Shooting Stars, and Space 

The sunsets on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica are absolutely breathtaking! The sunset show is different every night, but nearly every night is brilliant. Watching the sunset on the beach with a glass of bubbly or your favorite cocktail (which you can order and bring down to the beach from the RipJack Inn bar), will likely become a nightly ritual on your honeymoon. Once the sun dips below the horizon, and the last glow of sunlight disappears, the stargazing in Playa Grande is enchanting. Unlike other more populas areas, where light pollution can be relatively high, Playa Grande’s night sky is dark and often star-filled. 

Costa Rica has become a very popular tourist destination and is often crowded on the coast. Playa Grande is one of the few places where there is still a lot of space. What’s better than space, shooting stars, and sunsets alongside the sea with your soulmate?