Update on Costa Rica Travel

Boutique Beach Hotel in Playa Grande Costa Rica

How do I get the required travel insurance for Costa Rica?

We are continuing to seek out the information necessary to make your travel plans as easy as possible. In a previous blog post we listed the two companies the Costa Rican government had approved for the required travel insurance INS or Sagicor. As time has passed and travelers are arriving we have found another site that seems to be more economical called Trawick International. On the home page you will see a link specifically for Costa Rica. This is by far the clearest information that we found to date and would encourage you to check it out. This option however, is only available to US Citizens.

Tourists also need to complete a health form prior to arrival and be able to present the Q code given to them at the airport.  They will not let you through immigration without this.

On January 12th, the CDC issued a statement requiring all US Citizens arriving by air into the US from anywhere to have a negative COVID test. The test needs to be done 3 days prior to arrival back in the US. Please follow the above link for more information on the exact requirements and exceptions.  

How do I get a COVID test if I am staying at RipJack Inn?

The Beachside Clinic is located 10 minutes from Playa Grande.  The clinic is associated with Hospital CIMA, which is a Baylor University hospital, https://www.hospitalcima.com/en/. The results are emailed to you in 48 hours. When you have your tests results back we will print them for you in reception. The test results will need to be presented to the airline.

How do I make an appointment?

Don’t worry, our front desk can help you with everything!  At check in you will fill out a form with the information we need including your flight date and time. We will then work with the clinic to schedule a time and the clinic comes to the hotel to do the test.  It takes just a few minutes and consists of a swab of your mouth and one of your nose.

The cost of the COVID test is roughly $113.  The travel insurance does not cover this.  They only cover a COVID test if you are sick and the doctor recommends it.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us directly info@ripjackinn.com



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