COVID 19 Preparations

The safety of our employees and our guests is our number one concern. We would like to share with you our updated policies and procedures in accordance with the health ministry in response to COVID 19.


  • The hotel is operating at 100% capacity for rooms and 50% capacity for shared areas such as the pools
  • All employees are required to wear face coverings
  • Los empleados son evaluados diariamente usando termómetros IR.
  • There is a foot operated hand sanitizing station for use prior to entering reception
  • There are clear plastic partitions at the front desk
  • One bubble at a time is permitted in hotel reception
  • Guest temperatures are taken at check in
  • Guests will have the option to check in via email prior to arrival if desired, to reduce time spent during check in.
  • Las llaves de la habitación se desinfectan antes de la llegada del huésped.
  • Prior to guest arrival, all rooms are cleaned with an ozone machine that removes all virus, bacteria and odors from rooms
  • All rooms have anti-bacterial soap in the bathrooms
  • Maid service will be provided according to guest preference
  • If maid service is requested only one made will enter the room and will wear a face covering and gloves.
  • The maids wear face covering while doing laundry


Tenemos una estación de saneamiento de manos instalada fuera del restaurante para que los huéspedes la utilicen antes de entrar, también pueden lavarse las manos en el lavabo del baño.

  • The restaurant is operating at 50% capacity
  • Guests temperatures are taken upon entry to the restaurant
  • Nuestro restaurante es 100% al aire libre.
  • Todos los menús están escritos en pizarras para eliminar el contacto con superficies.
  • Only paper napkins are used
  • Se han acomodado mesas y sillas para cumplir con las pautas de distanciamiento social.
  • Se pueden hacer reservas para grupos con un máximo de 10 personas.
  • La comida estará disponible tambin para llevar.

We continue to update and improve our safety measures to provide the safest possible environment for our guests and our staff.

Dave & Annie Corredor,  Luli Andreozzi

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Políticas y procedimientos de Covid 19