COVID 19 Preparations

Updated – March 24th, 2022

We are happy to report that cases in Costa Rica continue to fall drastically and most restrictions have been lifted.  We have not had one issue related to COVID at the hotel since we re-opened in June of 2020.  Here is what you need to know:

Travel from the US / Canada

  1. Purchase your health insurance here
  2. Fill out this form and have the QR code with you at the airport
  3. The US is now accepting antigen tests which typically take less than 24 hours for results. You need an appointment so when you arrive at RipJack and fill out our form, we make the COVID test appointment for you. You can drive to the clinic for the test and the cost is $55, the clinic is about 10 minutes away. Or the clinic can come to the hotel and the cost is $85.  The results are emailed directly to you.


  • All employees are required to wear face coverings
  • Employees are screened daily using IR thermometers.
  • There is a foot operated hand sanitizing station for use prior to entering reception
  • There are clear plastic partitions at the front desk
  • One bubble at a time is permitted in hotel reception
  • Guest temperatures are taken at check in
  • Prior to guest arrival, all rooms are cleaned with an ozone machine that removes all virus, bacteria and odors from rooms
  • All rooms have anti-bacterial soap in the bathrooms
  • Maid service will be provided according to guest preference


  • We have a hand sanitation station set up outside of the restaurant for guests to use prior to entering they may also wash their hands in the bathroom sink.
  • Our restaurant is 100% open air.
  • All menus are written on chalkboards to eliminate surfaces.
  • Only paper napkins are used
  • Food will be available for pick up / take out.

We continue to update and improve our safety measures to provide the safest possible environment for our guests and our staff.

Dave & Annie Corredor & Luli Andreozzi


Covid 19 Policies & Procedures